About us

The Njordship Group comprises a corporate structure consisting of a parent company and three subsidiary entities. Within this framework, the parent company, Njordship ApS, assumes the role of setting the overarching strategic direction for the entire group. Concurrently, each subsidiary maintains a distinctive focus, contributing significantly to the collective prosperity of the group.

One of these subsidiary entities, Njordrecycle ApS, operates under the purview of the Njordpower division, specializing in catering to commercial vessels and utilities. The subsidiary is unwavering in its dedication to delivering sustainable solutions that are not only economically advantageous but also environmentally responsible. 

Another subsidiary, Njordship.No AS, is a registered Norwegian company with a particular focus on serving yachtsmen and owners of smaller commercial vessels, specializing in sales and service.

E Boating ApS, a prominent player in the electric boating and sustainable maritime solutions sector, is dedicated to advancing eco-conscious sailing and pioneering technologies. The company is committed to ushering in a more sustainable future for boating enthusiasts worldwide.

AB Marine ApS, an online retail subsidiary within the Njordship Group, offers a wide-ranging selection of products for boating enthusiasts. This subsidiary furnishes customers with a convenient and user-friendly platform to procure high-quality boat products and accessories at competitive prices, solidifying its status as the preferred destination for boating enthusiasts.

Each of these subsidiary entities operates in alignment with a shared commitment to the Njordship Group's overarching objectives. The cultivation of individual responsibility assumes paramount importance in the achievement of these goals, with the company actively fostering a culture that champions collaboration, innovation, and personal accountability.

The Njordship Group remains dedicated to providing value to its clientele on a daily basis and to making a positive impact in the sectors and industries it serves.

Through its unwavering pursuit of excellence and innovation, the company has firmly established itself as a leader in its field and continues to experience growth while expanding its influence.

Mission & Vision:

At the heart of our organization, we place paramount importance on cultivating trust and mutual respect in all our interactions. We acknowledge that forging robust partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and colleagues is pivotal to our prosperity, and we consistently endeavor to treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated.

In order to uphold our position as a frontrunner in our industry, we are unwavering in our dedication to ongoing innovation and growth. We highly prize creativity and endeavor to cultivate an environment that nurtures fresh concepts and encourages us to seize emerging opportunities.

We are wholeheartedly committed to our collective objectives and understand that individual accountability is fundamental to their attainment. We firmly believe that a strong sense of dedication and responsibility is indispensable for the advancement of our business and for providing consistent value to our clients.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the preferred choice for pioneering solutions in the sectors and industries we serve. We aspire to be a positive force, generating beneficial impacts on the world through our products and services. Our aim is to set the standard and inspire others to join us in our pledge to ethical business practices.

In summary, our mission is to construct enduring relationships rooted in trust and respect, foster perpetual innovation, assume responsibility for our actions, and deliver unwavering value to our clients daily. We are resolute in our commitment to becoming a leading provider of inventive solutions and instigating positive change in the world.